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Arkansas Hunting Lodge

Arkansas Waterfowl Hunts

Arkansas Spring Snow Goose hunts are our passion. We start in February, and follow the birds throughout Arkansas on their trek behind the receding snow line, finishing up in April.

Snow-goose- hunting success depends on a variety of variables. Extensive scouting is crucial in knowing where the birds are roosting and where they are feeding each day. Weather is a major factor for when and how the birds are migrating. The weather also has an effect on how the birds react to the spread. We utilize state of the art electronic equipment along with our decoy  spreads. Here at The Goose Guys we take pride in locating the birds, gaining access and building a set to bring in the snow geese.  : hard work that we do better than anybody

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Outfitters

What Sets Us Apart From Other Outfitters

Believe me when I say; experience matters when it comes down to snow goose hunting. The Goose Guys dedicate their love of the hunt, and put an all in effort to make your snow goose hunt a memorable one. Know that when you are booking with us, we put our entire focus on you and your group so you are set up for the best hunting scenario possible.

Take a look at some of the benefits of booking with a service provider that will go above and beyond to give you every opportunity possible to have a good, safe, fun, and enjoyable hunt. 

  • True professional guides
  • 24 years in business
  • Reinvesting in our farmers. Happy farmers mean happy hunters. If you’re happy, we are happy!
  • Top of the line waterfowl gear
  • Guides that absolutely care about your experience
  • Some of the nation’s best duck and goose callers
  • Whatever it takes mentality to provide a successful hunt

Snow geese are one of the toughest birds to hunt. With that being said, we understand that migrator spreads simply do not work in the south, so we choose not to use them. Every experienced hunter has come across a 'churn and burn treatment' outfitter at least once, which is why when you book with us you're booking with a guide service that truly has your hunting experience in mind.

SD Hunting Geese

Hunting Geese in South Dakota

The Goose Guys Waterfowl Hunting Service is South Dakota’s premier Canada goose, snow goose and speckle belly guide service for over 20 years now. Whether it’s hunting SD ducks, Canada goose hunting in the green fields of early autumn, hunting migrating geese in fall’s cut cornfields, chasing giant winter honkers, pursuing spring snow geese in South Dakota, The Goose Guys passion for the outdoors creates year-round adventure for you. We drive hundreds of miles to pinpoint the geese every day, and have secured thousands of acres of prime land to really put you on the birds.

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Common Questions About Our Guided Waterfowl Hunts

Can I bring my own dog on the hunt?

We welcome hunting dogs but they must be able to sit quietly while birds are working. It’s for everyone’s benefit and safety. Well trained dogs are welcome.

Are waders needed on a Arkansas, Oklahoma or SD hunts?

Waders are often nice to have but not needed. Some hunters prefer them to keep warm and would like to get in water while helping put out decoys. It will depend somewhat on whether you are hunting ducks in South Dakota, spring snow goose in Arkansas, fall geese in South Dakota.

What is a typical day like and where do we meet our guide?

Half day hunts start before dawn and run until noon or when limits are filled. Your guide will discuss plans for the hunt day the night before with guests. Normally guides will meet hunters at the lodge or hotel before the hunt.

What is the best shot size for waterfowl hunting in Arkansas, SD or Oklahoma?

For geese we recommend 3" or 3.5" shells with 1's or BB size shot. Ducks are normally about the same.

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Alive Calls - Quality Goose Calls

Alive Calls - Quality Goose Calls

Looking for a top quality goose call for your upcoming hunting trip? 

Alive Calls are the best acrylic goose calls on the market! One goose call to rule them all.

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