Our Snow Goose Hunting Locations

The Goose Guys offer quality Spring Snow Goose Hunts in South Dakota, Missouri, and Arkansas. Snow Geese funnel through these states in large numbers, and make it a great get away from February to April.  From singles to very, very large flocks you will get a chance to witness one of the great sights of nature.  Our spring snow goose hunts are designed to get you up close and personal, at the chance at clean harvests.

The Goose Guys have been hosting very successful spring snow goose hunts since 2001.  The Federal government has put liberal limits on Snow geese.  The Snow goose is ruining their habitat in the Tundra, where they nest.  There are usually 3 parts to there migration to the gulf for wintering months, and back to the Tundra.  Snow Geese fly in huge masses to and from these areas.  First part of the migration is strictly the Adult snow geese.  A adult snow goose can live to the age of 20 yrs and older if us hunters don’t change that.  Next in the migration is the soon to be egg layers.  The young adults that will lay eggs when they return to the Tundra, and lastly its the Juvy snow geese, which are the young just making trips back and forth until they reach the age of 3 before they can lay eggs.  So  lets do our part and help the snow geese by hunting them in the spring snow goose season, and come along with us on one of our legendary spring snow goose hunts.

About Our Spring Goose Hunts

The Goose Guys will do all the hard work for our hunter to enjoy there guided spring snow goose hunt.  We scout daily and stay under the migration to help our odds on a successful hunt.  We have to have a open calendar when hunting these geese, because they can cover a large amount of land in a day.  We generally are in one area of a state for on a week or too.  The Snow Goose migration is simply amazing!  If you haven’t seen it before you need to get out and get up close and personal with these large masses of spring snow geese to put the full picture in your head.  Awesome! is one word to describe Spring Snow goose hunting.

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