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Canada Goose Hunts
About Our Canada Goose Hunts

“Geese!” Everybody hunkers in their layout blind. Hearts pound. Your guide starts calling. The flock turns and wings your way. One, two swings past … here they come again … “take em!”You rise to shoot. Honking, flapping geese are everywhere. It’s chaos at its best! A huge honker tries to backpedal, and you focus in on that softball-sized head. It’s too late for him. You just bagged one of Western, Minnesota’s giant Canada geese on a successful Canada goose hunt!

We offer hundreds of acres under lease in several counties, some of which are directly adjacent to game refuge lines. Our refuge line fields are very productive when new birds roll in aka: migrators start moving in and become more concentrated.  Our Canada goose hunts are very successful, due to the right land, the right spreads, and the right concealment.

With the largest breeding Canada goose flock in the nation and an awesome migration parade of birds all fall, few places can match South-Dakota, and western- Minnesota for quality goose hunting. Eastern South Dakota, and western Minnesota is the place to go, with its abundance of water and grain fields.

But how do you get at the geese? Private land is the best place to hunt, so you need access. Plus, you have to scout hard and consistently to stay on the birds. That’s where the goose guys waterfowl outfitters comes in. We scout hundreds of miles from the back roads every week, and have tens of thousands of acres of land leased.

We’ll put you on the birds. Permanent pits are available and often productive, but our specialty is mobile hunts on scouted fields. With the best equipment and largest spreads of decoys in the state (two 16-foot trailers packed to the gills), we run the best goose hunts in Minnesota and South Dakota.

We conduct many of our goose hunts in the Hutchinson area. This is prime goose country close enough to the Twin Cities for a day hunt. Ortonville goose hunts are great too, as we work huge flocks of geese on private land in the Lac Qui Parle area. In October we offer hunts in the glacier lake region of eastern South Dakota where we will be targeting snow geese, mallards, Canada geese, etc. December, we also hunt geese in the Rochester area from pit blinds.

If you want to extend your season, you can also come out and hunt geese in the Pierre, South Dakota area with us from late December through early February. Open water and windswept grain fields keep Canada geese here all winter, and we’ll put you in on the action when everything else is shut down.

Come on a Canada goose hunt with us this fall. Early season, late season, Spring snow goose season in between – we’re out there from September through April, living up to our reputation as Minnesota and South Dakota’s top goose hunting outfitters. Call us at (320) 291-2092.

Hutchinson MN goose hunts

Peak Migration

Peak migration in Minnesota starts typically mid Nov.-Dec. Minnesota is known for world class goose hunting. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of migrators and local jumbos working our privately leased ground. Our early season in Minnesota is nothing short of EPIC! Minnesota has one of the largest concentrations of resident Canada geese in the country.


We offer lodging in Minnesota, South Dakota, Arkansas and Missouri. Prefer a hotel? Just let us know and we can make arrangements.  

What to bring
  • Non-toxic shot gun shells-12 gage, 3 or 3 1/2 inch, steel shot, 1’s and BB’S

  • Food/snacks/drinks (please nonalcoholic beverages)

  • Hunting license: Your $4 early season stamp is also good for late season hunts in December

  • Comfortable clothing for all weather conditions, water proof (Gortex) is a must

  • Extra pair of dry boots (Rubber boots are best) I like to use Muck Brand boots. They are air light and very warm. If you have waders, I do suggest you bring them just in case.

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