Our Minnesota duck hunts are a great opportunity to get out for some great wing shooting in MN. Join us just 45 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul for some of the states best field hunting for Mallards. You will be hunting over the largest spread of field mallard decoys in the state! We’ve got Ducks!! Join us just 45 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul for some of the states best field hunting for ducks.

The Hutchinson, Minnesota area is full of ducks and geese all fall. The challenge is getting on the fields and farm ponds the birds are using. The Goose Guys Waterfowl Hunting Services LLC  has thousands of acres of private fields and farm ponds leased in this area – places where the ducks and geese are flying and you can hunt with us. Scouting is key, and we drive hundreds of miles to make sure we’re on the “X” for you.

Guided HuntsYou can come in for a day hunt (many hunters come out from the Twin Cities and hunt a day or two with us). This is also a great waterfowl hunt if you’re visiting Minnesota and want to travel out from the Cities for a fun, productive goose & duck hunt. We can coordinate your lodging at special rates in town. The birds are here!

We’re mobile and will move around to get on the ducks and geese; these layout blind hunts are great. We also have heated permanent pit blinds available on some of the very best, traditional fields that the ducks and geese have been using for decades. We also offer water hunts for ducks on privately leased farm ponds. These hunts are hosted from Permanent duck blinds and layout blinds. You will be hunting over large spreads of both field and water decoys.

You have to experience Hutchinson’s great duck and goose hunting. Come hunt with us. Call us at (320) 291-2092.

Included in packages
  • Very comfortable ground blinds

  • Large full body decoy spreads

  • Some of the nation’s top (Guides and callers)

  • Free bird cleaning/Please just bring cooler and baggies

  • Other equipment need in the field is taken care of too

  • Professional guide with no less than 10 years in the business.

  • Heated pit hunts are available/these hunts typically take place during peak migration periods.

  • 100% privately leased hunting grounds/most of my fields I’ve been hunting for more than 12 years

Our locations

Our guided fall hunts for Canada Geese and Ducks take place in Hutchinson, MN, Ortonville, MN,  Western, MN, Pierre, SD Clark SD and Rochester, MN. We offer hundreds of acres under lease in several counties, some of which are directly adjacent to game refuge lines. My refuge line fields are very productive when new birds roll in aka: migrator’s start moving in and become more concentrated.

Peak migration

Peak migration in Hutchinson starts typically mid Nov.-Dec. Hutchinson is known for some of the best goose hunting in the state. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of migrator’s and local jumbos working our privately leased ground. Our early season in Hutchinson is nothing short of EPIC! Hutchinson has one of the largest concentrations of resident Canada geese in the State.


Hutchinson Duck & Goose Hunts: Our service made arrangements with hotels in Hutchinson for our hunters. Special room rates have been set for your convenience. For bookings & reservations contact us at (320) 291-2092

What to bring
  • Non-toxic shot gun shells-12 gage, 3 or 3 1/2 inch, steel shot, 1’s and BB’S

  • Food/snacks/drinks (please nonalcoholic beverages)

  • Hunting license: Your $4 early season stamp is also good for late season hunts in December

  • Comfortable clothing for all weather conditions, water proof (Gortex) is a must

  • Extra pair of dry boots (Rubber boots are best) I like to use Muck Brand boots. They are air light and very warm. If you have waders, I do suggest you bring them just in case.

Apply for a hunting permit here.

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