Fall Snow Goose Hunts in South Dakota

Hunting Geese in South Dakota

If you like hunting snow geese in the Spring then you’re really gonna love hunting snow geese with us in the Fall. We’ve been specifically targeting Snow geese in South Dakota for the past 10 years let me tell you there’s nothing quite like it. The sound of snow geese migrating south is, for some, is the beginning sound of autumns harvest. for many hunters snow geese have become a spring-only target.

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Why Hunt Geese in South Dakota This Fall?

Why Hunt Geese in South Dakota This Fall?

You don't have to wait until February to target snow geese.

Shortly after snows, blues and ross geese leave their breeding grounds in the tundra, many of them head south for the grain fields of South Dakota.  As fall sets in, the bird numbers increase and the hunting heats up. The Goose Guys offer the best equipment and guides, making sure you hunt is a success.
We are but a handful of true outfitters that target snow geese in the fall. A good summer hatch of snow geese, you're hunting a lot of geese that have never even seen decoys before.

Fall Snow Goose License & Seasons SD

Fall Snow Goose License & Seasons SD

Snow Goose hunting seasons in South Dakota are set in early spring. Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.

Fall Snow Goose License Requirements SD

Non-Resident waterfowl hunting licenses in SD are limited in number during the fall. The permits are distributed by a lottery drawing and hunters must submit an application online.

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