The spring migration is soon to be in full swing here in South Dakota. We have added yet another snow goose spread for this season to accommodate the growth of our service . We will have 4 different field sets to make sure we can keep our hunters on fresh birds.  Now is the time to contact us if you are considering booking a spring snow goose hunt with us. We have a few dates still available in the end of March and the first few weeks in April.  These dates we will be targeting those young  juvenile birds these birds are often times hard to pattern and will, staged up in pockets ounce we locate these birds you will put up good numbers!. Give The Goose Guys a call and book your spring snow goose hunt today.

Here are some keys to our success – spring snow goose hunting tips.

  • When hunting snow geese, the more calls you have the better. Try using two electronic calls.

  • Arkansas , Northwest Missouri, South Dakota and North Dakota are some of the most popular states for spring snow goose hunting.

  • Gun Loads (for 12-Guages): 3-inch, 3 1/2 inch BB, BBB, or T-Shot in steel are the loads of choice.

  • Choke: improved to full, depending on how your gun patterns with the large loads.

  • Call your state Wildlife Agency for general information on season dates, regulations, and snow goose staging areas.

  • For detailed tips on hunting spring snows, follow us at, “Strategies for Spring Snows,”

  • Decoying: Most guides use 2,000 or more decoys, but if you aren’t going with a guide, 300 to 400 decoys will do the trick.

  • Arrange decoys in a teardrop shape, large at one end and small at the other with your blind in the center.

  • If the geese aren’t finishing all the way to your decoys, switch from layout blinds to all whites and get under the decoys better.

  • Scouting is key. Try to hunt a field that birds were in the night before.

  • Flags and wind socks add movement to a decoy spread. Some hunters also use black and white balloons attached to poles to create the same effect.