Are you ready for a springtime “tornado” on the South Dakota prairie? No, not the scary, windy kind. What we’re talking here is a thrilling, full-fledged storm of squawking snow geese as they set their wings and work into the decoy spread. Your heart pounds, your hands shake and breath comes short as you watch the birds work, grip your shotgun, and wait for your guide to shout, “Take ‘em, boys!” above the deafening sound. Welcome to spring snow goose hunts in South Dakota with The Goose Guys, your premiere South Dakota Snow Goose Guide & Outfitter.

Guided Snow Goose Hunts

Spring snow goose hunt in SD with guides who really know the birds and have access to the best hunting grounds. then you’ve got to experience an adventure for these magnificent geese with Northern Migration Guide Service. Most hunters just can’t afford the time or expense it takes to hunt snow geese effectively on their own. The Goose Guys have been at it for a decade. We know a thing or two about snow geese and hunting them, and we have all the top-quality equipment it takes to do it right. Three words define South Dakota spring snow goose hunting success: Scout, scout, scout. We put on hundreds of miles a day tracking the birds and finding the best fields. Then we set 1,200 to 1,800 decoys per field, and finish the setup with electronic callers, comfortable layout blinds and great gundogs. All you do is show up and get in on the action. It’s our job to get you on the birds, and we take it very seriously.
Our South Dakota goose guides hunt South Dakota exclusively. Our network of private farms and ranches stretches south to north so we can follow the migration every step of the way. Where “exactly” will you hunt? Where the birds are! Hunting typically starts the first week in March and runs through the first week in April.

Click here to book a guided South Dakota snow goose hunt today – prime dates go fast, and it’s important to get on the calendar. Or give us a call at (320) 291-2092, and let’s talk white geese and plan your adventure!

South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts

Included in Guided SD Snow Goose Hunts
​​1,200 – 1,800 decoys per field
Comfortable layout blinds
ATV to transport you and your equipment to the setup
Electronic, attention-getting e-caller boxes
Professional guide with minimum 10 years experience
Fully trained gun dog to do the hard-core retrieving work​

What to bring on your South Dakota Guided Snow Goose Hunt

100 or more non-toxic (steel or other) shotgun shells – 1’s and BB’s best
Unplugged shotguns allowed during spring conservation season
Food / snacks / drinks (no alcoholic beverages on the hunt)
Comfortable clothing – be prepared for all weather conditions (Gore Tex or similar is a must)
Extra boots – rubber boots are best (Muck boots recommended)
Waders (in case it gets very wet)

South Dakota spring snow goose hunting licensing

A Conservation Order is issued annually for a spring hunt to control an overabundance of light geese. Light geese generally migrate into the eastern one-third of South Dakota in late February to early March.
Feb. 15 – May 3, 2017
Daily Limit: Unlimited
Possession Limit: Unlimited
South Dakota nonresident license $45 (Click Here)
Youth license (under 16) $25 – hunters 12-15 must have valid hunter safety certificate
No Federal waterfowl stamp required for this hunt

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