The Goose Guys offer guiding services for both Snow Goose and Canadian Goose season hunting. Finding time to hit the fields of South Dakota will be well worth your time when the birds are moving. Migratory birds are a blast to hunt. For more than 15 years the Goose Guys have been guiding in South Dakota. Vast open fields with good food source is a natural attraction to both Canadian Geese and Snow Geese.
Our guide service offers a wide variety of adventure. During Snow Goose season you can expect to see our spreads of more than 2000 decoys being brought to life with our hi-tech electric calls. We have lots of natural movement in our spread and the geese really relate to the way we position the spread. Our guides travel our South Dakota land to scout the birds on a daily basis which is why our customers are always on the birds. A quality guide service in South Dakota will have large quantities of land and skilled goose guides to ensure a quality hunt.

Our guides will provide all of the decoys and goose blinds for every hunt. Depending on what the geese are doing every hunt is different. Our team of Snow Goose and Canadian Goose guides will have all of the details worked out before the sun comes up and will make it an enjoyable experience.

It’s all about having fun and being safe. In South Dakota there is no bag limit on Snow Geese so when the birds are moving you can be certain that it will be a lot of fun. There is something special about Canadian Geese and our guides love to call them in nice and close for the clients. While sitting in the goose blind clients can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a doughnut as they wait for it all to begin. The decoys are set and the guide starts to call. If you have never heard and expert goose caller you will have a new appreciation for the art of goose calling after you hear our guides call in the birds. Watching 20 pound honkers cup up and start to dive into the decoys is a very special feeling. The thud of a big majestic goose hitting the earth is a sound that we never get tired of hearing.

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