Ahh,  It’s that time of year again!  The weather is starting to change forcing our friends up north to pay us a migratory visit.  We should be getting our affairs in order as to make ourselves available for this fantastic time of year.  The Snow Goose & Canadian Goose Hunting Season is upon us in South Dakota.  I for one have been waiting months to get another crack at these majestic creatures.  I can almost smell the gun powder as I step outside into the crisp October air of South Dakota.  I know Bauer my trusted goose hound is chomping at the bit to get out and chase down the these long necked honkers.  I have everything in order for a fantastic hunting season.  While I certainly love spring snow goose hunting there is just something about being outdoors in the fall.

The team here at The Goose Guys has been putting in the long hours getting all of our decoys together and making sure all of our calls are tuneup and ready to bring in the flock.  We have some fantastic new land to hunt this year and can’t wait to watch our guest experience the beauty of a South Dakota Hunt.  The weather is moving slow and steady and making for a nice fall.  We think it should be a nice long migration process this year giving  us time to shoot plenty of the local goose population.  The big Canadian Geese should be down in a few weeks but for now we are going to have fun harvesting the South Dakota birds.

We have three new models of goose calls to try out this year and couldn’t be more excited.  One thing that has been a tremendous success for us is the use of our taxidermy goose decoys.  We have 50 real stuffed geesethat  have been cause live geese to break their own necks trying to land in our spread.

I hope that all of our readers are practicing safe hunting and passing on the past time to our youth.  Goose Hunting is special to us all and we need to preserve it for our youth.  I make an effort to get a least a hand full of youngsters out every year.  I hope you all find time to get in the field.