What makes a good goose guide in South Dakota.  It’s a simple question right?  Well, maybe it is… maybe not so much.  I think you can break it down into a few key factors.  We know that it can be difficult to dig through all of the advertisements and online posts.  Lets face it, we all only have so much time to get outdoors.  When your planning a goose hunt all of the way out in South Dakota you can’t afford to get involved with a shady outfitter.  You want to make sure that things are in place to have the best hunt possible and maximize your time and money.  While there is never a guarantee that the geese will be doing what they should when then should you want to work with an outfitter who is on their game.

Key Factors In Finding A Good Goose Guide

Large Acreage

In South Dakota goose hunting is all about the the land.  We know that all guides will talk a good game about how much land they have available.  Great, they may have access to thousands of acres. The real question to be answered is if the geese on their available land.  That can be tricky to get a good answered.  Of course on some level the geese are moving through but your not looking to hunt on transition land.  You want to be on the roosting and harvesting land.  This means have a large volume of connected acreage.  Many outfitters will have lots of small parcels totaling up to a lot of acreage.  Avoid those outfitters if possible and find an outfitter with large chunks of acreage.

Years In The Field

You want to book with the best right?  Then you need to find a seasoned guide.  Many outfitters claim to have years of experience. This doesn’t mean that they are a quality outfitter.  A nice website with some good photos of dead birds is not enough.  Ask how long the company has been in business.  A lot of outfitters have been guiding for years but only running their own business  for a short time.  Goose guiding is about long term relationships with land owners, relationships that are not built in a short time.  Don’t fall for some hot shot kid who knows how to blow a goose call and had enough money to turn on a website.  Look for an outfitter that has been in business for at least 10 years.

A Solid Set Up

Most outfitters will have layout goose blinds for when they are on the move and pits for their standard spots.  It’s not that you can’t get birds while laying in a field covered in camouflage, but it doesn’t make for a very enjoyable experience.  Layout blinds are nice for when the outfitter is traveling to find the birds.  Make you know what the transportation situation will be.  Many times goose hunting in South Dakota involves some windshield time.  You may need to drive from one location to the next.  Just be sure to have an understanding if you are required to drive your vehicle or if you can ride with the guide.  Most outfitters in South Dakota do not provide lodging however they most likely will set you up with a hotel at a discount rate.  Make sure to talk about if food is provided or what kind of food you should be bringing along.  Most often South Dakota goose hunting is cold and windy.  Make certain to bring everything from rain gear to arctic gear.  It is never a bad idea to have a spare gun along with more ammo than you think you would ever need.  These are all good questions to ask your outfitter.

These are just a few simple guidelines for finding a quality goose guide in South Dakota.  There are a lot of good guides out there so just ask a few of these questions and you will probably be able to weed out the bad ones.  Shoot straight and lead your birds!