South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting Is Spectacular.

Every year about this time our phones here at The Goose Guys start ringing with hunters looking to book a spring snow goose hunt in South Dakota.  We are just starting to catch our breath after a long fall hunt but there is no rest for the wicked.  We start to book trips by “Slots” of availability.  We never know exactly when the birds will be on the move so it is a floating calendar.  We tell our new clients that they can expect a phone call about 3-5 days in advance with a location and destination.  Our guides will have been scouting for weeks making sure that they are on the birds and preparing for our clients to ensure a quality hunt.  There will be no shortage of snow geese it is just a matter of when they will arrive.

Once the birds have arrived our snow goose guides will be spending 8-10 hrs per day in their trucks scouting the fields and getting ready for the feathers to fly.  We set our fields with 1500-2000 decoys and electric calls to bring in the snow geese.  Guest will do very little work as it will all be set up for them.  The bountiful harvest is what keeps the clients coming back year after year.  We fill pick-up trucks full of snow geese and can’t even begin to put a dent in the population.

South Dakota has some of the best snow goose hunting the country has to offer.  The beautiful rolling plains of South Dakota and the big sky make for a beautiful hunt and a lifetime of memories.  We always get those big corporate groups of snow goose hunters so we advise our smaller groups to get on the schedule as soon as they know they have their group together.  The camaraderie is worth the price of admission itself.  Get to know some of our South Dakota Snow Goose Guides and you will have a friends for life.

When it comes to hunting spring snow geese in South Dakota our philosophy is scout, scout and scout some more. The approach to hunting lesser snow geese, blue geese and ross geese in South Dakota is quite different today then years past. Because of the constant pressure, these geese see hunters more than 7 long months a year. As Snow goose hunting guides we must adjust accordingly.Our clients deserve top notch hunts and in order to provide this it’s imperative to be mobile and provide the best gear available. Our snow goose spreads consists of 1000 – 2000 snow goose decoys per field, along with electronic callers, layout blinds blinds and fully trained guided dogs. All our snow goose hunts take place in South Dakota. Come hunt with one of South Dakota’s top snow goose hunting guides. We look forward to with you!